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Tech Hunters is a premier recruiting company specialising exclusively in web, software and information technology professionals. Based in London we offer a full range of services including full-time positions, contract, temporary placement and short/long-term consulting.

Tech Hunters works with companies in a broad range of industries with clients ranging from technology start-ups, government agencies to multinational corporates. Considering ourselves professional consultants rather than simply headhunters we provide an in-depth knowledge of the technologies and sectors required that results in a unique understanding of the marketplace.

Tech Hunters can help you have access to that hard-to-find technical talent when you need it. With good candidates in higher demand than ever it’s important to choose a recruitment agency that will provide candidates with just the skill-sets your require. Put simply we fully understand how complex your needs are likely to be – that’s where Tech Hunters can confidently say – we’ve got you covered!.

Tech Hunters will be with you every step of the way to help with anything that arises, before, during and after a placement to ensure you get matched with exactly the talent you need.

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